Child! Look forward!

Kian, Ann’s seven-year-old boy, started to drive his bike to school. We did an interesting observation. When he ride the bike, his entire body tries to focus in a goal-oriented manner. ‘he tries’ because we see that his neurology tends to act differently. He looks around, laughs to other people, and his riding seems more like dancing than going straight to a goal.


it is dangerous, and we tend to say ‘look forward, focus!’

We realize that we are learning him to act in a goal oriented focused manner. We domesticate the associative ‘wild’ behavior. Almost unwillingly we educate him to adapt to a rational way of going through life. With this pattern of education, we mold the child into the adult fabric of society. It seems necessary. Meanwhile, the child loses its spontaneity.

Later on, when he becomes an adult, we will forget how he acted like a child. Then the quest begins to a lost way of happiness.

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